Meet Team Brant

Alex Wyndham

Audiobook Voice Talent

Alex is a RADA trained British actor with a successful career in stage and screen, starring in Emmy winning productions Little Dorrit and Rome. Voice talent extraordinaire, Alex brings my books to life with his warmth and intelligence. 

‘Lucinda’s wonderful storytelling and characters are a pleasure to perform’ 

Alex at BeeAudio

Marian Hussey

Audiobook Voice Talent

Internationally renowned voice talent, Marian’s accents and characterizations are perfect for my Salt Bride and Salt Redux books.

‘My background in piano, flute, cello and song allows me to see written words almost like music on a page. I find many principles of musical performance make for engaging and compelling storytelling’


Mera Mayde

German Audiobook Voice Talent

A British-German film and television actress with a fabulous presence, Mera schooled at Oxford, trained in London, and is now based in the USA. She has a gorgeous voice you just can’t ignore!

From Mera: The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams—Eleanor Roosevelt


Daniel Collard

German Audiobook Voice Talent

London-based actor and voiceover artist fluent in both English and German, Daniel has extensive stage, screen and audio experience in each language. He's also a writer, comic and baritone singer. What more could I ask for in bringing my books to life in German!?


Larry Rostant

Cover Artist

One of the world’s top cover artists, Larry has worked with the best (see examples here). For the recently completed Salt Bride and Salt Redux covers he says: ‘My vision for those covers was to create a modern Georgian Portrait'.

See Larry’s fabulous covers for my Alec Halsey mystery series!

Mirella Banfi

Italian Translation

A professional translator for over 30 years, Mirella brings the subtleties of my Georgian world to life. She’s simply brilliant! 

‘Quando non sto leggendo, passo il tempo libero traducendo i libri che mi sono piaciuti, per dare anche ad altri la possibilità di leggerli in italiano’


Susanne Döring

German Translation

A professional translator with a Law degree, Susanne’s translations capture the subtlety and nuance of my voice. She is a treasure!

Historical literature has always been my favorite. Translating Lucinda's books is a genuine pleasure’



James has many roles: He maintains the look-and-feel of my ‘brand’, which includes book design, logos, website, photography, advertising, etc. I keep him pretty busy!

‘Lucinda's novels are very emotional sure, but it's the many layers and smart humor I love—they read like movies in your head’


Martha Stites

Editor/Proofreading (English)

From Albuquerque, New Mexico, Martha has a Bachelor degree in English and Journalism from the University of Texas and worked as copy editor at the Houston Chronicle. Her editing is razor-sharp!

‘Retired from the business world, I enjoy editing books and a bi-weekly business column for the Albuquerque Journal’


Proofreader (English)

Cathie hails from rainy Vancouver and is reading her way towards a BA in English. She firmly believes that books, tea, travel and kindred spirits are all one really needs in life—but not necessarily in that order!

‘She is too fond of books, and it has turned her brain’—Louisa May Alcott


Antonia Armstrong

Editing/Proofreading (German)

Antonia teaches international trade and relations at the university level. She read every Agatha Christie in English and German as a teenager and found many flaws. Her attention to detail and professionalism makes Antonia a dream to work with!

I find translating and proofing mystery and romance novels into German the perfect balance to my teaching career’’


Marina Calcagni

Editing/Proofreading (Italian)

With Master’s degrees in Literature and Intercultural Translation (English & Spanish) from Roma Tre University, Marina is a self-confessed bookworm and tireless traveler. Her editing is taking my Italian translations to the next level!

‘One day I'll settle down in a quiet Sicilian island surrounded by Blue Sea’